Time to Bug Out!

My  second complete coaster blueprint. I was always fascinated by a dark ride called “The Flight to Mars”. I loved that, instead of the usual  level ghost train, your vehicle would weave in and out of the complex before descending into the dark part of the ride (which was themed with tacky props that were suppose to be scary).  The highlight was the fun drop that graced the facade.  Back in the 60’s, there was no such thing as a spinning coaster. In fact, the cars used for Flight to Mars were actually the same ones used on classic european flat ride called “The Calypso”.

BugOut’s structure is similar in deign to the above mentioned classic,  but I went the opposite direction with the theme. This spinning coaster was the perfect choice for this light hearted family ride. The spills and thrills are mild, but it’s the theming that takes the front seat here. Most of the ride was built using Planet Coaster’s primitive shapes. Enjoy! – JCat

Note: After the video, you can head to Steam and download the blueprint if you’d like: Bug Out Steam Blue Print

The latest Planet Coaster Beta is just Amazing

I threw this together in an evening. I love the addition of the plain old primitives that you could put together to form your own objects. If those would only be sizeable and adhere to their own grid, that would be super ideal.
The Joker at Six Flags Mexico. Never been there, so I had to go by videos and screen shots. Planet Coaster’s official release date is November 16th, and will continuously be in development. Expect more rides, coaster, scenery etc.. in the future. The spinning coaster cars for this ride are the Maurer type pairs of riders are back to back which is not the same as the real ride which uses Gerstlauer cars (riders face each other).

You can download the coaster blueprint on Steam — leave feedback if you’d like.


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