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Phantasm was the first true dark ride for RCT3 and the debut of my solid black custom scenery which set a new course for indoor rides! Please, keep in mind, this ride was created back in 2005 when there was barely any custom scenery other than the dark ride set and Klinn’s Electroshock.

An interesting blurb.

The entire ride was housed in a massive custom scenery “cube”  which was  internally wall papered,  top to bottom in black. I had cut out four passages (two entry and  two exits points) which took dozens of revisions in my modeling program to get it to match the track.  The front was a simple facade using basic scenery,  but the Phantasm letters were custom scenery – with a stupid-high polygon count (I was a newb designer back then).  Below is a rare screen shot of the ride from outside (I found this in a folder only recently.. as in 2013).


Pretty fugly, eh? But, I wish I still has the actual park file — that went bye bye with my external HD back in 2006.

Well, head to the queue and take a ride on a classic, but please remeber when it was made. :-)




This was my very first video ride, long before there was custom scenery. It’s very basic, but still has its moments (thanks to sound editing).

Something has gone terribly wrong. Travel through a mountainous region, as you embark on this water-coaster journey. You find the remains of what was suppose to be a research lab, but where are the scientists? There’s a fire ahead, and the sounds of something not heard for millions of years is getting louder.
Note: Despite the title page, this is NOT based on the video game,


Dino Crisis