Scream Estate


I have finally regained my interest back in the world of RCT3 (thanks to Theme Park Studio). but I sometimes regret starting this project, as  the layout is quite tedious to work with due to having two independent tracks, completely interwoven.  Each track has their own props; nothing is duplicated  so it’s like working on two attractions at once. Plus, I’m alternating time with designing some CS for the Theme Park Studio.   The Scream Estate project uses the original steel mouse cars, unlike many of the RCT3 dark rides today which use various custom cars/tracks from the impressive Revolutionary Rides selection.  I  am about 90% complete with the ride . I am just looking forward to the filming and sound editing more than anything.


JCat’s Scream Estate is a next gen dark ride featuring two independent tracks, each bringing its own scary experience to the rider/viewer! Built in one large structure, Scream Estate will include current and newer custom scenery designed specifically for this ride. Those looking for a story-driven, Disney-style attraction may be disappointed (there’s ton’s of other excellent dark rides on youtube).  The aim here is to keep the frights fast, and old school, like the dark rides from yesteryear but on a grand scale.


Distant shot of the interior, without most of the exterior. Don’t try to make heads or tails of what you’re looking at.  Just a bit more internal tweaking, and this over-sized mansion gets covered in brick and stone. Following that, will be the outside surrounding landscape, peep paths, and finally film production.

screamersshot2013On the Red Side track, touring the cemetery, but it looks like something else is too.


 Moving at a pretty fast clip through the mansion’s underground cave..


No. not the crib you’re expecting..


This ain’t no static graphic either.


Final Climb and a breather.


When ya’ least expect it…