StarDate: 08-09-06

Pre-Flight Information

  • Most (if not all) objects use the 1/4 size grid mode for maximum enjoyment; something not aligning? The Z key (rotate) is your friend.
  • Some objects have their own lighting at night.
  • Domes are great for twisting, smaller track style coasters, so don’t expect to stuff a HyperCoaster inside.
  • For experienced builders, there are a number of wall styles and StarWalls/Floors to build your own indoor space structure – with no limits on size.
  • The Decor-Rods have tiny bulbs which illuminate at night. Thanks to Vodhin’s research, I was able to make the bulbs colorable. As with Vodhin’s colorable lights, it is important to remember there is a limitation in that you have to choose your light color BEFORE placing the rod down. If you choose black, you’ll get no illumination at all. You can also change the Rod color at any time, independently.
  • Mix up your starfields so they don’t look like repeated patterns. Rotate, even overlap for some convincing effects. The StarCube will give more depth to outer space by adding 3D-like stars. Again, rotate and stack the Starcube for the ultimate flight – and at night, the StarCube takes on an interesting effect.
  • Vodhin’s donated space stall can be found with the scenery items.


Download JCat’s SpaceWorx V1.2 Self Extracting Installer
Download JCat’s SpaceWorx V1.2 zip 

..and now for some pre-cautions:

Due to the size of the included Space Domes, Dome interiors, and Dome Toppers, you will need to TURN OFF shadows in your RollerCoaster Tycoon Options. If you don’t, any Dome-related object will simply crash your game back to windows.

– The starfield dome floor has a bit of overlapping, resuting in very minor flicker in the center – but heck, stars flicker anyway, and it won’t be noticed in the long run unless your building planetarium walking tours for the elderly.

– Build your dome pieces first, then your surrounding wall base, and finally lay your floor down at the end.[/color]