Blox introduces basic building ‘blocks’ in various shapes and sizes, including a number of much needed quarter titles. Most of these objects will remind you of Lego pieces, but there are some interesting generic items as well.


Download the Jcat’s file
Unzip the JCat’s Blox zip file and you will have a Pumper Box folder. Drop that into  your c:\program files\atari\rollercoaster tycoon® 3\style\themed folder, and you’re good to go. If your RCT3 is on a different hard drive, then substitute the C:\ with whatever hard drive letter the game is on.

Download JCat’s Blox Zip file


Release Notes:

– Glass, although transparent, may hide some objects placed on the opposite side (yeah, this an old set from 2006  whataya want)…

– All items can be colorized – except the Chrome Cube.



The BLOX theme set was thoroughly tested. Although I don’t foresee any problems, it’s best to back up any saved coasters, parks etc. If you feel any of this scenery is causing havoc with your game, you can easily remove this set by going in to your Program Files/Rollercoaster Tycoon 3/Styles/Themed/folder, and look for the folder JCat’s Blox and delete it. Remember, if you download this user-made set, you are accepting full responsibility, as this add-on is not supported by Frontier, Atari or Trackworx.