The Dark Ride Collection

This was the second custom scenery set released for RCT3; Klinn’s Electro-Shock set was actually the very first. The Dark Ride Collection was a collaboration of two sets: My half and Martnetmar’s (an ol’ pal). I use to go under the name of “Pumper” back in the Atari forum days, but later changed it to JCat. Yes, back in 2005, I was spending endless nights creating my first set using the tedious tools that were available. All this, while simultaneously editing a video to show off the scenery. The result was the very first dark ride video created for RCT3: Phantasm (no not based on the damn movie). The Dark Ride Collection will always be remembered for the “pitch black” walls, which opened the flood gates for many a dark rides to follow.



Download The Dark Ride Colllection Set 1 Created by JCat (980kb)
Dark Ride Collection Set 1 Self Installer
Dark Ride Collection Set 1 Zip File


Download The Dark Ride Collection Set 2 Created by Marnetmar (1.18MB)
Dark Ride Collection Set 2 Zip File


Dark Ride Collection Tips

~ The Pitch Black walls/roofs as well as the Black Vertical and Horizontal Tunnels are great for creating dark rooms as well as hiding props.

~ Use any of the standard RCT3 building scenery or our castle and stone sets for the external foundation of your ride, and use all the black styles for the inside.

~ Remember, although it appears dark inside, it’s not “true” darkness, meaning, you will see your coaster track, but with black walls and tunnels, you can block a most of ‘what’s ahead’.

~ You can use the supplied roof titles and shift them just slightly above ground to cover existing paths. Peeps will still think they’re on the real path, but now you have even more variety to dress up your walk-ways.

~ Day or night – it will be pretty dark inside, however, nighttime works best if you want to add lights near props for some momentary bright “chills’.

~ The black panel props (Klowns, Indian, etc.) work best against black environments. Objects, or non-black walls that are directly behind your panel will reveal the black border – you want that hidden!

~ Although we’ve developed this around a dark ride theme, there’s no law saying a a good deal of these items won’t be useful outside! :-)