This is for 4 dual pieces. Look for other colors in separate listings. Creates two evenly spaced track lanes with a nice firm fit for perfect racing! Works with all Hot Wheel straight track – from vintage Redline to modern Track builder.  Printed in the USA using PLA, Eco-Friendly Plastic ** Hot WheelsRead More →

Get it at eBay or Etsy Printed in the USA using PLA, a safe, non-toxic, biodegradable plastic The Rod Runner was the original rubber-band launcher for Hot Wheels track sets during the 60’s/70’s, which allowed for continuous circuit running/racing by quickly resetting the stick shift before the car reentered. NoRead More → Anyone remember Phantasm on RCT3? It was the first dark ride created for that product, over 11 years ago (when my atari forum name was pumper). A few years later, I decided to take another crack at an indoor fright for RCT3 — it was called “Screamers”. Unfortunately, itRead More →