Hot Wheels to LEGO Brick Dual Lane Track Adapter 3D Printed



Hot Wheels Dual Lane LEGO Compatible Track Adapter 3D Printed (Set of 4)

Color: White

Printed in the USA using using safe, non-toxic, biodegradable PLA Plastic

Dual Lane adapters keep two lanes snuggly together for perfectly even races.

Two different ways to use them: Connect the adapters on their own for super aligned gravity racing,  or snap on LEGO bricks to raise your tracks to make bridges, hills, over/under passes and even daredevil jumps. Also works great with old Hot Wheels Sizzlers layouts.

Use the Dual Lane Track Adapter with any Hot Wheels Straight Track (from Redline to Contemporary). These are not track joiners.

Please note:

Printed parts may have minor cosmetic imperfections which is common with this technology. This does not affect its functionality. Adapters may fit very tightly at the start, but will expand  with use.

Ships within 24 hours after payment is received

Buyer must have a confirmed PayPal address/account.

Ships in a Padded Mailer, First Class, United States.

LEGO blocks, Hot Wheels Track and Hot Wheels cars not included – only for sample screen shots. Other colors coming soon!