Rod Runner Keys are Back!

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Printed in the USA using PLA, a safe, non-toxic, biodegradable plastic

The Rod Runner was the original rubber-band launcher for Hot Wheels track sets during the 60’s/70’s, which allowed for continuous circuit running/racing by quickly resetting the stick shift before the car reentered. No launcher produced today by Mattel has ever matched the brilliance of the original Rod Runner. Unfortunately, Rod Runner Keys, which are used to hold the rubberbands at various tension settings were easily lost by their owners over the years. Without these keys, the Rod Runner is completely unusable. When trying to purchase a used Rod Runner unit, you’ll notice many have no keys (so be aware before you purchase them from a seller). These custom 3D Printed keys were measured up as best as possible to the original. After numerous revisions, I was finally able to get it as close to the real deal as possible.

Please note:

Printed parts may have minor cosmetic imperfections which is common with this technology. This does not affect its functionality. Unlike the original injected molding produced on professional machines, these are made using PLA plastic which while very solid, are not as resistance to damage as the original. With proper handling, there should not be a problem.
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