How to I scare thee, let me count the ways.

Anyone remember Phantasm on RCT3? It was the first dark ride created for that product, over 11 years ago (when my atari forum name was pumper). A few years later, I decided to take another crack at an indoor fright for RCT3 — it was called “Screamers”. Unfortunately, it became too tedious to work with as well as super sluggish, so I tossed it aside.

Now, I’ve resurrected it, thanks to Planet Coaster, though the only thing it shares with original idea is the name. Right now, I’m about 90% done. The ride will have a few custom (TMT) objects, but the majority is built with the game’s own scenery and DLC.

This is a short ride, like most of this type , however, it’s faster and a bit more elaborate. It’s kind of a hybrid Ghost Train on steroids.

If you like your dark rides 8 minutes long with music, a story, and something you might see at a Disneyworld Park, then this ride is not for you.

This is a Ghost Train, so expect non-stop jump-scares. Don’t blink!