Classic RCT 3 Mod: Screamworx

Another ancient mod awakes from the dead. This was one of the earlier dark ride themed packs from the year 2006 for RollerCoaster Tycoon 3.  It’s very rudimentary props by today’s offerings, but I’m sure there may be an object or two that one may find interestingly spooky.

Download 3.37 Zip JCat’s ScreamWorx

Place contents in C:\Program Files\Atari\RollerCoaster Tycoon® 3\Style\Themed (replace C with whatever drive letter RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 resides on your hard drive)









Apparitions have one side, and are designed with the standard wall attributes. Move your Apparition in and out to determine which side the surface will show. These haunts are transparent, and work best with nearby lights. You can change the density of the transparency by simply stamping the same apparition over itself a number of times. PLEASE NOTE, Apparitions and Spider Webs may sometimes make walls and other scenery behind it transparent as well (giving a forever transparent result). This is a random placement issue. Just tinker around with your positioning (like placing them down in different order) of transparent props, as well as objects/walls behind, and for some reason, it will eventually work. This is one of those mysteries like the modder’s Glass problem, though at least this works most of the time.

When designing around the Chandelier, keep other “night light” objects at a safe distance. Any close lights, candles, torches..etc.. near the chandelier may cause it to strobe. If you want one of the separate included candles to be brighter, you can place another candle right on top of the original.

Black Lights are great for lighting halls, apparitions or any other object you may want to eerily emphasize. It may be best not to exceed more then four bulbs in one area, or you will get pulsing, however, exceeding the bulb count can turn out an interesting result: Adding five or six bulbs will give an effect like a few of the bulbs are starting to lose their juice, much like real fluorescent bulbs behave. No one said a house of horrors is supposed to be glamorous. Also, black lights tend to illuminate objects which face the ends of the bulb (perpendicular), and not parallel to them.

Some wall overlays or wall mounted items need to hug the wall to look aesthetically pleasing. If you notice an overlay is not meeting up with your wall, move your wall in or out to make them align (or do the same with the actual object).

The 2D scare props are obviously best used at night, or within the pitch black walls from ye old Dark Ride Set. A nearby light creates a dramatic effect, however, the headlights of whatever vehicle you’re riding in will be quite effective to immediately spark a non-lit nearby object. Try placing a flickering torch near the Night Terror and watch its eyes pulse.

The included Particle Effects do not have solid attributes like a marker of some sort, as I didn’t want anything visible that would hinder the look, particularly if you wish to stack your particles. Unfortunately, there’s no way that I’m aware of to create a dispenser like object similar to Frontier’s emitters which disappear once you close the scenery window. Fortunately, the particles that were drafted for this set do not cover huge areas (like Frontier’s Mist) and are fairly easy to delete like any wall. Timed particles like The Deadly Explosion go off in short intervals (like once every second); if you wish to have a continuous effect, just watch the timing of each instance, and stamp down new particles in between the gaps of nothingness.